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True’s journey began with the inception of our flagship product, True Heritage Brew Singapore Sling® Original Mix. Conceived and perfected by Mr H.S. Chow,  in response to a request from the Raffles Hotel Singapore, soon after it was rebuilt in the late 1980s. The mix was meticulously developed to meet the hotel’s consistency, purity, and quality standards.

The combination of Mr H.S. Chow’s entrepreneurial spirit, devotion to the original recipe, and refined palate resulted in him developing the perfect solution—creating a special premix that captures the signature taste consistently and perfectly in every single glass of Singapore Sling®.

Pursuing consistency, purity, and quality led Mr H.S. Chow to commission a premier bottling facility in Austria, ensuring that the True Heritage Brew Singapore Sling® Original Mix delivered an unrivalled experience. For nearly a decade, it was exclusively available at the Raffles Hotel Singapore, and set the stage for the brand’s remarkable legacy.

Our Origins:
Crafting Excellence

Visionary Leadership and Global Impact

In 2004, Mr H.S. Chow founded True Heritage Brew Singapore Pte Ltd with the vision of taking Singapore Sling® to the world. By 2005, True Heritage Brew launched its first product, True Heritage Brew Singapore Sling® Original Mix, marking a new era. Supported by government agencies like SPRING and International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, Mr H.S. Chow realised his vision of exporting Singapore Sling® as the quintessential Singapore National Cocktail worldwide.

The exceptional taste and quality garnered widespread acclaim, making it a favorite for esteemed establishments, from Singapore Airlines to luxury hotels like Shangri La and Grand Copthorne. Quickly becoming a go-to choice for food and beverage outlets, True Heritage Brew Singapore Sling® Original Mix has emerged as the quintessential Singapore National Cocktail on the global stage.

The Present Journey

Building on the triumph of Singapore Sling® Original Mix, Mr. H.S. Chow delved into research and development around 2011, leading to the launch of our full range of cocktail premixes and ready-to-drink cocktails in April 2016.

In 2023, the company underwent a rebranding exercise, and is now known as the True range of cocktail premixes. True’s respect for heritage and innovative approach propels it toward new heights of success, ensuring that it remains synonymous with the brand Singapore Sling® globally, and for quality classic cocktail premixes.

If you have any queries, feel free to drop us a message!

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