How Singaporean Are You?? –– True Heritage Brew “helps Singaporeans Get to the Top of the Class” in Bi-centennial Celebrations at Resorts World Sentosa

In an unusual and humorous approach to Singapore’s bi-centennial celebrations, True Heritage Brew (THB) is launching their Know Your Singapore Sling campaign from 1-14 November 2019 at Resorts World Sentosa, “to raise our knowledge of Singapore to another level––in a lighthearted way…” smiles Founder & CEO, Mr. HS Chow.

With a view to engaging a large segment of Singaporeans and permanent residents in some fun while boosting interest in and knowledge of Singapore’s national cocktail Singapore Sling, THB is asking tongue-in-cheek how thoroughly Singaporeans really know their country.  

“You know your Singapore history: facts, dates, prominent figures; you know our geography: population, climate, where we sit on the globe. You can answer visitors’ questions like, “Can you really not chew gum?” and “What’s Singapore’s best local dish?” But can you answer this tricky one: “What does Singapore Sling taste like?”

“This,” says HS Chow, “is what gives you the edge to make it to the top of the class!”

Singapore Sling is legendary. It is one of the world’s favourite cocktails; it is such a popular symbol of Singapore that it was mentioned by former US President, Barack Obama, in his toast to Prime Minister and Mrs Lee Hsien Loong in 2016; and it is one of visitors’ top things to try while in Singapore. And yet most Singaporeans have never tried it.

This campaign is a bid for Singaporeans to taste and know the true, authentic Singapore Sling: to understand it and embrace it as part of our nation’s treasures.

Founder & CEO of THB and creator of THB Singapore Sling® Original Mix HS Chow says, “We want Singaporeans to 1) know this wonderful drink, Singapore Sling, 2) know the real, authentic taste of Singapore Sling and 3) know that this cocktail can (and should!) be enjoyed anywhere and on all occasions. Enjoy it in a 6-star hotel cocktail lounge or on a yacht; celebrate your birthday or National Day with it at home, by the pool or at a bar; drink it on board Singapore Airlines; have it at a picnic. Everybody should know our national cocktail and be proud of it. Celebrate with it. Try it! I think once you try it, you’ll love it.” 

And here’s the best part: it’s FREE* for Singaporeans and Singapore permanent residents. The campaign runs for two weeks only, at THB’s red Singapore Sling food and drink trailer at Resorts World Sentosa.

While you’re there, turn up the fun. Not only can you get your free* Singapore Sling, you can show off your knowledge by playing our game, get to the top of the class and win prizes. To help your brain work at its peak, there is food that has been specially put together to excite your taste buds, also mocktails, juices, cocktail ice creams and cocktail freezes to jazz up your day.

Turn up at the trailer during the two-week campaign, show your IC, get to know THB’s legendary Singapore Sling and have some serious fun!


1. From 1st to 14th November 2019, flash your pink or blue IC at the Singapore Sling trailer at Resorts World Sentosa to get your FREE* THB Singapore Sling cocktail.

2. Participate in the KYSS-Top of the Class Quiz and win prizes*, open to Singaporeans and Singapore PRs.

3. Bring your parents, grandparents, aunty or uncle down to visit THB’s trailer at RWS. They too will:     

i. get a complimentary THB Singapore Sling cocktail; and

ii. be able to redeem a free THB Singapore Sling (Ready to Drink) cocktail in a can*

4. Calling all Hainanese Clan Association members in Singapore! As a nod to the Hainanese barman, Ngiam Tong Boon, who created Singapore Sling in the early 1900s, members who say, “I have tried Singapore Sling. How about you?” in Hainanese will be able to redeem a free THB Singapore Sling cocktail. Please prove your membership at the trailer.

5. Like and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates and details of more free giveaways! We will be conducting a lucky draw and discount with purchase promotions throughout the month of November.


 “Know your Singapore Sling” (KYSS) campaign

1. Follow and like our Facebook page True Heritage Brew cocktails.

2.  All Singaporeans and PRs can get a free taste of THB’s Singapore Sling cocktail when visiting our cocktail trailer at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), by flashing your Singapore pink or blue IC at one of our friendly barmen. He will determine you are indeed Singaporean or PR and of drinking age. No personal IC details will be recorded following the Personal Data Protection laws.

3. All others get 50% off when purchasing a Singapore Sling cocktail from the trailer from 1st to 14th November, when accompanied by a Singaporean or Singapore PR.

4.  Only valid for ONE serving of THB’s Singapore Sling original cocktail, and at THB’s RWS trailer location only, due to licensing laws. .

5.  Limited to 30 vouchers/tastings a day and while stocks last. Offer valid from 1st to 14th November at THB’s RWS trailer location only.

6.  Once shown to be eligible as above, participate in the KYSS-Top Of The Class Quiz to win prizes (subject to availability)

7. Post a photo of you and your older relatives enjoying your Singapore Sling cocktail at our RWS trailer to Facebook or Instagram and tag us to get a free can of Singapore Sling Ready to Drink cocktail to take home. One can per relative present, and while stocks last.

8.  By doing the above, participants grant the Organiser the right to use such participant’s name, likeness, biographical information and photo submitted in any and all media for any purpose, including without limitation, advertising and promotional purposes as well as in, on or in connection with the Website, Facebook page or the campaign or other promotions, and hereby release the Organiser from any liability with respect thereto. 

9. We reserve the right to amend, limit, add to these T&C without prior notice.

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